BGI ColoTect
for Colorectal Cancer Screening


BGI ColoTect, also known as DNA Methylation Detection Kit for Human SDC2, ADHFE1 and PPP2R5C Genes (Real-Time PCR) is a qualitative in vitro assay to detect human SDC2, ADHFE1 and PPP2R5C genes methylation in stool specimens. The kit is intended to use for auxiliary diagnosis of colorectal cancer and precancerous lesions, and is only suitable for patients who have poor compliance with colonoscopy or are unable to undergo colonoscopy for medical reasons. 

People Who are Susceptible to Colorectal Cancer

Age > 40 years old

Chronic intestinal diseases

Family history of bowel cancer

Long-term consumption of red meat and barbecue, among others.


Long history of smoking and drinking habits

How to Screen for Colorectal Cancer with ColoTect?

The stool sample collection kit is shipped directly to customer.
Customer collect stool sample and then send it back to lab.

Test is performed in the lab with provided kits.

Result is reported to customer or doctor.