UPplus A Capsules

UPplus A Capsules is a powerful complementary medicine that relieves sore throat, cough and respiratory symptoms fast. It also has powerful immune boosting properties and supports lung health.

What UPplus A Capsules are used for:

UPplus KBD Spray

UPplus KBD Spray is an essential complementary medicine designed to assist everyone against respiratory infections. As a broad-spectrum spray, it has broad overall market appeal and suits a range of uses.

UPplus KBD Spray helps to:
   Relieve cough, throat irritation, sore throat, throat irritation and reduce phlegm.
   Improve immune defence
   Promote general health and wellbeing

It also can be most effective when:
   Having sore throat and bad breath
   Exposure to high level of atmospheric pollutants or typical “inner city” air
   Body condition exacerbated by poor air quality