With just 1 minute of a painless, non-invasive, and easy-to-use DNA collection swab kit at home, you can easily obtain a personal genetic testing report covering 11 major categories, including ancestry, exercise, nutrition, skincare, health, and psychology. It provides a comprehensive interpretation of over 500 official reports and promises lifelong free updates.

Fluffy Finder, the Malaysia’s leading pet DNA test. Enjoy a seamless experience with nationwide delivery and pickup. Our certified database, recognized by prestigious organizations like CFA and AKC, ensures accurate results. Explore your pet’s ancestry, hair traits, over 200 genetic diseases, behaviour assessment, intelligence evaluation (for dogs), and blood group testing (for cats). With a simple oral swab, unlock a wealth of personalized genetic insights.

COLOTECTTM is a non-invasive colorectal cancer (CRC) self-sampling test that can detect the methylation status of exfoliated cell genes in the intestine, help screen for colorectal cancer and precancerous lesions risk, and detect bowel cancer risk even in the absence of active bleeding lesions.

The Innovita® 2019-nCoV Antigen Self-Test Kit (nasal swab) is designed for direct and accurate detection of the SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein antigen. This test is used for screening individuals, both symptomatic and asymptomatic, by analysing nasal swabs to determine the presence of the virus.

Influenza A&B Antigen Rapid Test Kit (Immunochromatographic Assay) is suitable for qualitative detection of influenza A virus antigen and influenza B virus antigen in human nasopharyngeal swab, oropharyngeal swab or saliva samples.

For In Vitro Diagnostic use only.