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We Are Proud To Be The 1st Pet Gene DNA Specialist In Malaysia

Fluffy Finder helps pet owners understand their pets’ genetic make up so that informed decisions to create a healthier life can be made. By knowing the genetic disease risks, preventitive measures can be taken to save potentially high medical cost.

Pet DNA testing’s behaviour report is also useful in helping pet owner understanding their pet better for bonding and introducing more suitable training program.

  • Family Tree (maximum can up to 5 generations)
  • Breed Descriptions
  • Detected Breed Lists (Dog 170+, Cat 20+)
  • Single Gene Diseases (Dog 133+, Cat 40+)
  • Complex Diseases (Dog 16+)
  • Diagnosis and Medical Advice
  • Nursing and Feeding Advice
  • Hair Trait Genetic Analysis (5+ hair trait genes)
  • Grooming Advice
  • Behavioural Analysis (Dog 12+, Cat 9+)
  • Intelligence Assessment
  • Genetic disease status
  • Physical characteristic traits
  • Blood Group Analysis
  • Breeding Risk
  • Blood Transfusion Risk

Choose The Best Plan

We have only one comprehensive plan for your beloved pet.

Discover 200+ insights on your dog’s genetic health risks, breed mix, and traits.

Pet gene DNA tests comprehensive analysis through Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms

In Fluffy Finder Pet DNA Test, you can get discover multiple Pet’s DNA information in one sampling, such as pedigree, genetic health, behavior analysis, and many more.

Fluffy Finder
Pet DNA Test

Dog . Cat
RM 1599.2
  • Oral Swab
  • CFA & AKC Certified Database
  • Personalised Breed Certificate