About Bumi Genomics Innovation

Bumi Genomics Innovation is your one stop healthcare solution in providing various services, ranging from sequencing services and precision medication up to laboratory solutions for clinical laboratory and academic research purpose.

We acted as one of the earliest parties to bring COVID-19 laboratory solution to local laboratory during COVID-19 pandemic era, integrating an all-in-one laboratory solution COVID-19 PCR testing in government-owned Institute of Medical Research (IMR) and Makmal Kesihatan Awam located at Kota Kinabalu (MKAKK).

Besides, we strive to serve more customer-in-need from clinical and research community from different fields, and makes molecular healthcare and genetic screenings become more accessible across Malaysia. Working-in-hand with our trusted partners, we are now offering services such as:

Genetic testing services for
precision medicine and health

To deliver accurate and reliable genetic results for health conditions, including but not limited to reproductive health screening, postnatal conditions, cancers and rare genetic diseases. All tests are performed in laboratory certified with international accreditation of ISO15189, CAP and CLIA.

Laboratory solution for
optimal clinical and research

We offer a variety products and services to support clinical laboratories and research community, including reagents and kits for genomics and proteomics and data analysis tools. We commit to deliver high quality products in safe manners to our clients, as reflects by GDPMD certification.


To become the pioneer and trusted partner in delivering healthcare solution in the region


To provide an accessible, accurate and reliable early diagnosis of diseases (AAR) to Malaysians